Meet Dr. Darryl Torculas

As a freshman in college, Dr. Darryl Torculas was given the opportunity to travel to Honduras on a service learning trip. As he stepped off the bus, after driving on dirt road for 2 hours to a small town, a long line was forming at the school. He was amazed to see the whole town gathered as they knew they were arriving to provide dental care. Throughout the week, he learned that there was more to dentistry than just teeth. To see the excitement and joy of those who were excited to receive a free exam, filling, or extraction was very motivating. It was then when he learned that he wanted to be a part of a profession that could impact a person significantly.

Fast forward 10 years later. After completing his bachelors at University of California Irvine, receiving his dental degree at Indiana University, and undergoing a general practice residency at The Ohio State, he made his way back home to San Diego, CA. Dr. Darryl Torculas decided to move back home in order to be closer to his family and friends, and to the sunny weather! He have found his new dental home at San Marcos Smile Dental and Santa Fe Dental Group. 

During his free time, you can find him at the gym or nerding out on the latest dental trends and research. Giving back to the less fortunate was one of the main reasons he chose to pursue dentistry. As a result, he spends about 1 to 2 weeks a year in various organizations, donating his time and skills to provide dental care to those less fortunate, which include places such as Haiti, and in the future, Santa Lucia.