Protecting Your dental Implant


Now that you’ve invested all that time & money into your dental care it’s time to protect it.

How do you protect your dental restorations? By investing into a night guard to protect your dental implant and the rest of your teeth.


While we sleep and even throughout the day many of us grind our teeth unknowingly. This can cause:

-Discomfort of the jaw
-Fracture teeth
-Wear & tear of tooth structure & dental restorations
-Loosening of teeth
-TMJ Pain




Now let’s look at how the dental implant process works:

  1. Tooth is extracted– The reason you need a dental implant is because you having a missing tooth or you will be getting a tooth extracted. Once the tooth is removed if nothing is done to it to replace that tooth immediately over time the bone will continue to shrink due to nothing being in place. This is where the bone graft comes into play.
  2. Bone graft– In order to maintain the bone level of an area of an extracted tooth, a bone graft will be recommended. This means that bone will be placed in the socket of the extracted tooth site to help maintain the bone level where it is.
  3. Implant is placed – The dental implant process itself takes 3 steps. The placement of the titanium screw, the placement of the abutment and the final step is the delivery of the crown.
  4. Occlusal guard– The occlusal guard helps protect your investment. The guard helps reduce the wear and tear from clenching, grinding and tapping our teeth. When you grind your teeth the force of the implant pushes against your tooth and this can lead to damaging of your natural teeth and/or the implant.

Taking care of your teeth requires  a lot of your time and money, and it’s important to take care of the restorations you get as well as take care of your natural teeth.

That is why it is highly recommended to get a night guard to protect not only your dental implant but your other teeth as well and prevent new or further damage from happening to your teeth and existing dental restorations.

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