Dental Guard – Protect Your Investment!

Dental Guard –  Protect Your Investment


The time and money you put towards your health is an investment! There are many other things you can choose to do with your time and money and you may or may not be able to protect what you’ve invested into it.







Let’s take the example of buying a new cell phone. You spent A LOT OF MONEY buying a new phone and it only makes sense to protect your phone, therefore you need to buy a cell phone case to protect it.



Now let’s see how that applies to your teeth:

You visit your dentist twice a year to help maintain good oral health. That means taking time off from work or away from your loved ones, THAT IS AN INVESTMENT of your time!

When you have dental work done, typically you pay a fee or copay, that is an investment towards your health. Your paying money to get your teeth restored and the last thing you want is that dental work to fail. (See images below)

So how do you protect your dental work?


By using an occlusal guard (Nightguard) to prevent wear and tear to your teeth and existing dental restorations.

While we sleep and throughout the day our teeth have a mind of their own. Many of us grind, clench and tap our teeth unknowingly, this is also know as Bruxism, and that can lead to fracturing of teeth and existing dental restorations (as seen on the image above). Other possible symptoms caused by Bruxism are dull headaches, sore jaw, painful teeth and even loosening of your teeth.





You may be wondering why this even happens. Well there are a quite a few factors that take place, bruxism can be caused by stress, anxiety, sleep disorders and TMJ problems. If you feel that you are experiencing symptoms of bruxism or if you would like to prevent those symptoms before they start contact our team at (760)536-3648 or Click Here to schedule your appointment online.